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Print Head Information 

A comprehensive introduction to the nozzle of the piezoelectric inkjet printer

A. Konica sprinkler head:

Sprinkler head is a double row into the ink tube, flow pressure uniform. Ensure printing quality. Some brands have a single row.

512 Konica sprinkler head is fully enclosed, waterproof and anti-aging. Some brands have showerheads that are semi-naked or bare.

Semi-exposed to the following main shortcomings: 1, chips, circuit boards, etc. outside, easy to cause circuit short circuit, and burn off the nozzle. 2, spray bag is plastic, easy to aging.

Because it is completely closed, so there will be no circuit short circuit and so on. Long life of sprinkler head, no need to change sprinkler head, which will greatly save maintenance costs.

High precision, fast printing speed, 14PL precision is 1440dPI, 42PL precision is 720dPL, printing 1pass is equivalent to some 2pass.

B. Seiko SPT nozzle:

Seiko produced by the Japanese seiko electronics group, is a household name around the world in production of precision clock, now in the production of container piezoelectric nozzle is already have quite a solid strength and foundation, stability as the production of seiko table as excelling in quality, SPT nozzle in integrated all previous nozzle performance advantage of the final design and become, at the same time in the concentrated the advantages of previous also mainly reflects in:

A. The design is mainly made of all stainless steel, with a super durable life, 510 pipes for each nozzle.

B. Sprinkler voltage can change with temperature, so it can be used to break ink caused by other external factors such as temperature.

C. The data port of the nozzle can adapt to different printing software, and the printing concentration is more dependent than the previous nozzle.

D. It can be produced in a variety of modes, with 35PL and 12PL ink-point particles, 720DPI and 1440DPI standard accuracy, and impeccable color saturation.

E. The print width of sprinkler head is 75mm, 4 times that of ordinary sprinkler head, which can be used for fast output.

F. It has a wide range of applications and has been applied in industrial and commercial printing.

G. The production line of supporting ink shall be inspected by the professional staff of Seiko Electronics Group, and the ink produced each time shall be certified by Seiko Electronics Group before it is put into the market for sale.

H. Low cost, tends to be popular.

At present, domestic large-scale application of manufacturers is the limit of feiyang union series and work

Application series of sprinkler head mainly in China:

SEIKO SPT 255 35PL(extreme mainstream sprinkler) Effective print bar width 35.7mm


SEIKO SPT 255 GS grayscale

SEIKO SPT 510 35PL(ultimate mainstream sprinkler) effective print strip width 71.8mm

SEIKO SPT 510 60PL effective print bar width 71.8mm

SEIKO SPT 1020/35PL valid print bar width 71.8mm

SEIKO Jet T508GS article 12,24,36,48,60,72,84 PL/effective print width is 71.8 mm

SEIKO Jet T254/35PL valid print bar width 35.7mm


C. TRIDENT sprinkler heads from the United States:

A unique member of the sprinkler head, which is made of steel, can be taken apart for cleaning. Originally, it was mainly used in spraying code marking industry on a large scale. Later, we saw the large-scale development of industrial image sprinkler and joined it. At present, the domestic manufacturer is Guangdong Zhongshan Taituo Digital Technology Co., LTD.

The main application in spray painting is 768JET.

TRIDENT has over 20 years of industrial printing technology. Its products are mainly used in various industries of industrial printing.

It has been in the position of industrial printing for more than 20 years. Its products include:

Address printing (50000 addresses per hour) is representative of nozzle: UltraJet II 96

UltraJet II, SolidJet, 768Jet, 384Jet are UltraJet representatives of barcode printing (over 90% of carton barcode printing market in Japan)

Document processing decoding print (code document after the picture print scanning reduction) on behalf of the nozzle is: UltraJetII 96, using the TRIDENT JetWrit development of ink and PostBrite, VersaPrint

Financial document application print (print bank check, can be directly generated barcode) on behalf of the nozzle is: the UltraJet II 96, using the TRIDENT JetWrit development of ink and PostBrite, VersaPrint

UltraJet II 96 is the representative of industrial special materials printing (LCD lattice printing, PRINTED circuit board printing)

UltraJet II is the representative of packaging mark printing (UltraJet II is the printing of product marks and barcode on production line)

UltraJet II 96, UltraJet II 352, 768Jet are UltraJet printers

Product code printing (used on production lines to code and print products of various materials) using solid and high temperature inks

Textile printing (for the printing of various industrial textiles, carpets) represents nozzle: PixelJet, 768Jet, 384Jet

Large format image printing (used in large format spray painting for the advertising industry) represents the showerhead: the newly developed 768 L JET.

D. RICOH RICOH (original HITACHI) sprinkler head:

Ricoh acquired HITACHI's shower nozzle Technology RESEARCH and development Department. HITACHI used to have two showers well, HITACHI 256 I and 256 II, VUTEK5300 and VUTEK3300. These two machines each used 16 HITACHI 256 I shower heads, and HITACHI 256 II shower heads are mainly used in HP Scitex: Idanit, Pressjet, HP Scitex Pressjet and HP Tuberjet 8300 have used 150 HITACHI 256 II nozzles, which seems to be a record that has not been broken until now. Currently, only The Tayway machine is used by domestic manufacturers. I remember Tayway promoting Hitachi showers in 2002, and DIGITEX in Fuzhou began using RICH's Gen47PL shower in 2010.

Gen5 series gray sprinkler head

Gen4/7pl ignition frequency: 30KHZ Digitex in use.

Gen4/14PL ignition frequency: 30KHZ

Gen4/21pl ignition frequency: 30KHZ

Gen3 E3 series: 192 nozzles available in major models

Gen3 E3/15PL

Gen3 E3/30PL

Gen3 E3/45PL

Gen3 E1 series: 92 nozzles ignition frequency 30KHZ (used for Teckpro H3200,H5000,Teckjet H2500 machines from Tawe)

Gen3 E1/30PL

Gen3 E1/65PL

E. EPSON EPSON sprinkler head:

ESPON nozzle pictorial machine era in Japan has been independent in volleyball, in MIMAKI, ROLAND, expressions using pictorial machine series, such as Japan can see the figure of EPSON nozzle, the current domestic equipment also mass start using EPSON DX5 DX7 EPSON, fifth generation/seven generations of the nozzle to develop domestic photo print machine, which is famous is the wind, beautiful figure,, beautiful color, foot, and other domestic manufacturers.

DX2 (Water-based head) Main application models:

Mimaki JV2

Roland FJ50 /CJ500 CJ600

Mutoh RJ6000

Epson Color 3000

DX3 (Water-based head) Main application models:

Roland FJ600

Epson 900

DX4 (Water and weak solvent head) Main application models:

Water head application type:

Epson stylus 10600/10000CF

Mimaki JV4/JV 2II

Roland HifiJet Pro FJ740/750/540

Mutoh RJ8000/8100

Main application models of weak solvent head:

Mimaki JV3

Roland SolJet/VersaCAMM/ HifiJetSolJet740/540/1045


Mutoh RockHopperII(RHII)/FalconII/Spitfire/ToucanLT/


DX5 (weak water solvent head) Main application type:

Water head application type:

Epson Stylus Pro

9800/9880/9400/7800 /

7880/7400/7450/4800 /


Mutoh 900C

Weak solvent head application type:

Mimaki JV5/JV33

Mutoh ValueJet 1204/1604/2606

Seiko IP 3020

Mutoh ValueJet also has the new 1304/1608W/1618/1638

DX6 (water-based head) Main application models are:

Epson Stylus PRO 9910 /7910/11880C

DX7 (Golden seven-generation sprinkler head) main application models are:

Roland VS640 MUTOH1624, 1638, Mimaki-TS34

Epson-5113 industrial nozzle, suitable for domestic 5113 industrial piezoelectric photo machine

More shower nozzle product introduction, welcome to inquire. Thank you for your long-term cooperation!

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