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Enterprise interview 

Our company was founded in 1998, with an investment of more than 8 million yuan, is a professional engaged in hot foaming photo machine nozzle, piezoelectric photo machine nozzle, jet printer nozzle and other wide-format photo machine consumable sales and services of high-tech enterprises. With 2,000 square meters of enterprise buildings and independent import and export right, more than 100 employees. Wholesale all kinds of original photo printer sprinkler, UV plate printer sprinkler, digital printing sprinkler, Muto MUTOH/Mimaki/ Roland Roland/ Epson Piezoelectric sprinkler, Konica/Ricoh/Seiko/Saier/Polestar jet printer sprinkler, ink bag, photo machine accessories and other advertising equipment supplies. Our company has always followed the line of coexistence of product quality and service. Wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign photo machine manufacturers, dealers, advertising users to provide quality products and perfect service, let the customer satisfaction is our responsibility. All staff through long-term unremitting efforts, the company has become a domestic and foreign major brand photo machine manufacturers designated shower nozzle suppliers. Our product range is complete, sufficient supply, quality assurance, and strive to provide every customer with 100 percent satisfactory service. We believe: as long as the product quality is good, the enterprise service is good, the price is reasonable, will certainly be able to win the support of the general customers and long-term cooperation. We sincerely invite the majority of customers to visit our factory and technical exchange, we will serve you zealously.

Guangzhou Tumei enterprise is one of the key enterprises engaged in the production and operation of inkjet printer consumable products in China. With its management talents and experienced technical personnel, the company is an economic entity enterprise integrating development, research, production and sales. Wang Jun, the general manager of the company, is a leader in the IT consumables industry, and has a very high degree in the printing consumables industry. Many consumables enterprises are learning his business philosophy and modern management methods. Recently, the reporter of the column of Home of Jet Printing had the honor to interview Manager Wang. When we met manager Wang for the first time, we were infected by his kind, humorous and confident smile. We believe it will be a happy interview!

Home column of Jet Printing: Hello, Mr. Wang! I am very glad that you can accept the interview of the IT industry channel of The Home of Printing!

Mr. Wang: Hello, I'm very glad to welcome you, and thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. The management mode and working method of printing house column are worth our learning and reference.

Home column: Please first introduce the company's current situation and the development process of the enterprise?

Mr. Wang: The company was founded in 1998 and has more than 100 employees. The beginning of the production of hot foaming photo machine nozzle, ink cartridge, ink head, nozzle chip, board card and other advertising supplies. With the continuous development of the market, the company has gradually shifted its focus to the large inkjet consumables market, the main products include indoor and outdoor photographerheads, inkjet printheads, advertising materials, advertising consumables and other products. At the same time, the company also found that both in terms of technology and sales we have the development advantage, so the company and r & D personnel began to plan, design, production. With the company's excellent product quality and superb technology, our products quickly adapt to the market demand, enterprise development is very rapid.

Now the company has management personnel and experienced technical personnel, has been committed to the development, research, production and sales of inkjet pictorial head. Strong to create hot foaming photo machine nozzle at the same time, but also acting sales of all kinds of advertising equipment and the original piezoelectric nozzle, jet printer nozzle, ink, accessories and other photo machine consumable, through the company's high quality and quality service two major advantages and welcomed by the majority of users.

The column of the home that print: so excuse me Wang Zong, compare with domestic congener picture machine consumable material product, what advantage does your company's product have? For example, in terms of technology, quality, price, etc., which can be more conducive to participate in the market competition?

Mr. Wang: First of all, depending on the manufacturing ability of our company, our hot foamed photo printer nozzle has the strength to become a domestic. Besides, our products have low price, high quality and fast production speed. At the same time, on the premise of maintaining product quality, we compress profit space to occupy the market with small profits and high turnover.

Second, high quality, green environmental protection products, instead of "foreign" consumables. As a domestic professional consumables development enterprises, we use imported high-quality filter screen, photo printer nozzle printing is very smooth, high printing precision, long life.

Printing house column: your company mainly produces photo machine nozzle, ink and other consumable products, so at present, their sales in the market? How to expand the product market?

Mr. Wang: Our company's market positioning is very clear. Many peers think: consumables market competition is fierce, has reached the white-hot era more difficult to do. Is really good, when we start to do our company is also struggling, more difficult, but after some time later, found that any kind of products in everybody wants to be difficult, that is, when the most space, just in the consumable market now in the trend of rapid development, we should how to think about this question, maybe from a different Angle and a slice of bright sky, as long as we do, to develop it, study it, it will shine, shine. For several years, with the unremitting efforts of all the staff in the company, we finally won the market and achieved success. At present, the sales volume of our products is always in short supply, and we never do retail business. If a good product wants to gain a firm foothold in the market, it needs steady development. First of all, it is the cost performance between quality and price. In addition, excellent after-sales service is very important. We will continue to work hard to improve our products to a new level.

Home of Printing: What is your current sales network like? How will you continue to expand the market in the near future? Do you think brand promotion has a great effect on selling products?

Mr. Wang: Our sales network is made up of dealers and agents from all over the country. On the whole, so far our sales have been successful. We are in direct contact with distributors all over the country. At the same time, the company has set up sales department, business department, service department, research and development department, management of the company and market division, etc., which have advantages for our sales expansion. In addition, we often have 1 to 1.5 million inventory products in the factory. As long as our customers need products, we will deliver them immediately in a very short time, and the expected results will be achieved. I agree with the theory that brands drive sales. We always put the promotion of the brand in place. I as the person in charge of the company, the deepest understanding is to do a good job in the enterprise, stronger, bigger, must do a good job!

In recent years, our company has been able to develop rapidly towards higher and more perfect fields. The main driving force is the company's corporate philosophy of "producing high-quality products, maintaining price advantage, keeping up with the pace of printing technology, keeping improving, and constantly pursuing excellence". With high quality service and perfect credibility as the foundation of development, product quality as the life, to standardize, efficient management philosophy, customer satisfaction as the driving force for marketing, and continue to develop.

Spray printing house columns: technically, your company is a pictorial machine nozzle industry benchmarking, is a flag, your company is not only in the quality of the products, technology, three aspects of strengthening the service, at the same time I also learned mr.wong is also very the attention of the product brand, so could you please tell me in marketing, brand promotion, how do you do?

Mr. Wang: Well, this company has a plan to invest in marketing. The company spends a portion of its profits every year on marketing and marketing. Nowadays, network marketing is more and more highly regarded by large enterprises, so we also believe that using the network platform to conduct transactions will be conducive to the sales and development of enterprises. We have sales in several large B2B websites at home and abroad, focusing on creating honest merchants. Every year or two, new products and company activities are promoted through marketing and advertising. And every year we will do various forms of promotion in professional magazines, websites and media.

Mention the activity, recently our company ceremoniously launched the "buy photo machine sprinkler send gifts" large-scale activities, as long as the order of my company's photo machine sprinkler and jet printer sprinkler head, it is possible to get the "piezoelectric photo machine prize" waiting for you to take oh!

Spray printing house columns: last year we columns, held a "top ten enterprise of mainland China area general consumables" selection activities, produced a certain influence in the industry, you has been our home of spray print columns faithful partner, also more attention to such activities, you program for us to hold this activity form what view and better advice?

Mr.wong: the home of such activities spurts India columns do very creative, and also brought tangible benefits to customers, from the aspects of enterprises has played a very good publicity and promotion, fair, fair and open at the same time that the request of the three principles, help enterprise brand image, promote the development of the industry and consumables group of joint, the main is user help to buy a better choice, let consumers buy the rest assured, peace of mind of products and services! I hope there will be more, more innovative and better activities in the future.

Home column of Printing: Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to accept our interview. Wish your company to develop better and better!

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