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Print Head Products 


Epson 4720 print head

  • Epson 4720 print head
  • Epson 4720 print head
  • Epson 4720 print head
  • Epson 4720 print head
  • Epson 4720 print head
Model No.︰4720
Brand Name︰EPSON
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Product Description

Our company was founded in 1998, with an investment of more than 8 million yuan, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the sales and service of wide-format photo machine consumables such as hot foaming photo machine nozzle, piezoelectric photo machine nozzle, inkjet machine nozzle, etc. With 2,000 square meters of enterprise building and independent import and export rights, more than 100 employees. Long-term wholesale of all kinds of new original indoor and outdoor photo machine nozzle, UV flat machine nozzle, digital printing machine nozzle, Muto /Mimaki/ Roland/Epson piezo nozzle, Konica/Ricoh/Kyocera/Toshiba/Seiko/Sale/Polaris printing machine nozzle, ink bags, photo machine accessories and other advertising equipment consumables, the annual import and export of more than 50 million yuan. The company is located in Guangzhou Economic Development Zone, China, is a collection of science, industry, trade combined photo machine nozzle marketing enterprises. The company has a long-term service in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, to better meet the domestic and foreign photo machine nozzle market demand, product sales field covers the whole Southeast Asia market.

Epson piezoelectric photo machine nozzle (indoor water/outdoor oil) encryption head, not encryption head spot wholesale!

F186000-- EPSON 1900/2880 head surface is gold, shell anticorrosive. Oil based head

F187000-- epson4880,7880,9880 head surface is gold, water-based housing

F160010--epson4800,7800,9800, head surface gray, water based housing

F158000--epson1800,2400, head surface gray, water-based housing

F191000-9910 nozzle,epson sixth generation piezoelectric photo machine nozzle

F188000-- Epson GS6000 original piezoelectric nozzle

F189010/F177000/F196000--epson seventh generation piezoelectric photo machine nozzle

F192040/TX800--epson 10th generation of piezoelectric photo machine nozzle

L1440-U2--epson original seven generation UV ink high rot resistance inkjet printing head

L1440-A1--epson original seven generation water-based ink inkjet printing head

S1600-U1--epson's new generation of high precision two-color print head

S3200-U1--epson new generation UV ink high durability inkjet print head

S3200-A1--epson's new generation of water-based inkjet printing head

F1440-A1--epson original 5th generation water-based/oil-based inkjet print head

XP600/F1080-A1--epson-xp600 piezoelectric photo machine nozzle

Epson-5113- Epson 5113 Water-based piezoelectric nozzle

Epson-4720-- Epson 3200 Water-based/oil-based piezoelectric nozzle

Epson-I3200-A1-- indoor water-based print head

Epson-I3200-E1-- outdoor weak solvent print head

Epson-i3200-U1- UV flatbed printer nozzle

Gold dx7 piezoelectric nozzle -- Muto VJ1624/VJ1638, Roland 640,MIMAKI-TS34 series nozzle

Epson piezoelectric photo machine nozzle use common sense:

1. Please be careful when using to protect the metal plate of the sprinkler head from collision and extrusion; 2. Develop good operation habits to ensure that the nozzle, scraper and ink station are clean;

3. Choose new original nozzle to ensure excellent quality and long life; 4. Choose environmentally friendly and odorless ink to eliminate the use of inferior ink and loss of sprinkler heads; ​

5. There are many varieties of nozzles. The style and model of nozzles should be confirmed before purchasing nozzles. 6. The average printing life of the original nozzle is about two years under normal use environment;

7. If the machine is not used for a long time, the protective measures of the machine nozzle should be carefully taken; 8. Different environment with different maintenance methods, details can call the company for consultation.

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