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Technical communication 

The key is to prolong the life of the nozzle of the piezoelectric inkjet printer

Photo machine, jet printer in the use of the most effective way to prevent nozzle blockage is "prevention". Daily reasonable and effective maintenance of sprinkler head, will effectively make sprinkler head in the working state.

First of all, after the installation of the photo machine, and the beginning of the start of the photo machine to maintain the sprinkler

1 in order to make the photo machine sprinkler into action state, before the formal start of the photo machine, please be sure to use one to two days time as much as possible to print some pictures, is CMYK four colors all used, and in the two sides of the picture with C, M, Y, K four colors test strip to ensure that all sprinkler always in ink-jet state.

Take out the sponge inside the cleaning end of the photo machine together with its bracket when spraying painting.

Second, every day after the completion of the work of reasonable maintenance of the photo machine sprinkler

1. Turn off the photo electromechanical source

2. First clean the moisturizing sponge or plastic wrap with the special cleaning solution for sprinkler head, and then pour the cleaning solution on it.

3. Move the photo machine head back to the cleaning end of the machine and make the nozzle tightly combined with the moisturizing sponge or plastic wrap.

4 Keep the photo machine overnight.

Three in time to find and deal with the photo machine nozzle slightly blocked

1 in the photo machine work found that the nozzle appears slightly blocked after the phenomenon to quickly stop printing, and then use a vacuum cleaner or manual air pump to make the ink from the nozzle to spray nozzle cleaning, thoroughly clean and then continue to print.

It is very important to deal with the slight blockage of the photo machine nozzle in time and thoroughly for a long time to keep the nozzle working during the printing process!

3. In addition, it is also necessary to carefully check the nozzle condition and find out the cause of nozzle blockage.

How to effectively deal with the frequent occurrence of nozzle blockage in the process of spray painting

1 let the photo machine stop working, and then make the photo machine head moved to the cleaning position.

2. Keep the photo electromechanical source in the open state, connect the ink cartridge to the floating ball switch signal line on the nose small car board and remove all the wires.

3. Remove the ink supply tube (auxiliary ink cartridge end) on the sprinkler head, and then use the syringe to extract special cleaning liquid to clean the sprinkler head.

4. After cleaning, replug the ink tube and float ball switch signal line, and then continue the previously suspended printing operation.

More than five treatment methods have little effect or temporary no effect of treatment methods

Remove the photo machine nozzle from the nozzle mounting frame.

2. Pour an appropriate amount of special cleaning liquid for photo machine nozzle into a clean glass container. It is advisable to cover the bottom of the nozzle with 2-3mm after putting it in. Note: The signal interface on the top of the sprinkler head should not touch the cleaning liquid, otherwise it will damage the sprinkler head. >

3 after the shower nozzle immersion, microwave, using ultrasonic cleaners in the container of cleaner into the right amount clean nozzle special cleaning fluid, then at the bottom of the nozzle in the cleaning fluid immersion about 2-3 mm, then start cleaning device, please select special nozzle cleaner, if you use the general ultrasonic cleaners must strictly control the time, the longest time can't more than five minutes, to prevent damage to the nozzle. < Note: Do not use the washer more than three times in a row. >

4 with 40 ml syringe extract special cleaning fluid, in the upper part of the nozzle for refill tube outlet in injection and observed from the nozzle water state, if all the water line is very straight, suggests that effective cleaning, can continue to use the shower nozzle (the premise: circuit and piezoelectric crystal are in good condition), if there is still a part of the spray water line slanting, must according to the second, three steps to do a few times.

Conclusion: The average service life of 1 new original sprinkler head is about 1-2 years. After a certain period of time, the sprinkler head will wear out naturally and aging will have to be replaced, so that the machine can print normally.

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